Tungsten Solid Carbide Waveform Edge End Mills

Tungsten Solid Carbide Waveform Edge End Mills Picture

Tungsten solid carbide waveform edge end mills is based on the ordinary high-speed steel milling cutter on the rake face of the helix, with a special milling fixtures flank the front helical spiral and then processed into wavy surface, which intersect with wavy flank cutting edge. Two adjacent edges of the waveform peak is shifted a distance along the axis, the cutting width is significantly reduced, and the actual cutting edge of the cutting thickness is increased to about three times the thickness of the chip cut narrow, reducing the extent of deformation of the cutting, and surface-hardened layer to avoid the cutting edge and cut into the workpiece. Waveform edge so that the cutting edge blade angle of each point, before the work load borne by cutting corners and not the same, but the same end of the waveform edge section of the teeth from the inside is not the same, these factors greatly reduce the cutting force changes periodically, so cutting process is relatively stable. Milling gas cutting steel and other rough surface of the workpiece, the waveform edge mills in particular, can show its excellent cutting performance.

Variety of tungsten solid carbide waveform edge end mills dimensions:

Teeth Helix angle Size(mm)
D L1 L d
3 20° 6 13 57 5.0
30° 6.0
45° 8 16 63 8.0
4 20° 10 22 72 10.0
30° 12 26 83 12.0
45° 14 14.0
20° 16 32 92 16.0
30° 18 18.0
45° 20 38 104 20.0