Tungsten Solid Carbide Fillet End Mills

Tungsten Solid Carbide Fillet End Mills Picture

Tungsten solid carbide fillet end mills designed for processing of high hardness materials, suitable for dry cutting, high speed cutting, the latest development of raw materials and coatings with high wear resistance. Chinatungsten Online can provide high-quality tungsten solid carbide end mills fillet, orders according to customer specifications (special blade diameter, blade length, handle length, tolerances).

End mill fixture:

Machining center mills mostly use spring clip suits the way, when used in a cantilever state. In the milling process, the milling cutter may sometimes occur gradually extended from the tool holder, or even fall off, resulting in scrapped parts phenomenon, the reason is usually because the holder between the inner hole and the outer diameter of the end mill holder the existence of the film, resulting in insufficient clamping force due. Mills are usually coated with anti-rust oil is shipped, if you use a non-water-soluble cutting oil when cutting toolholder bore will be attached to a layer of mist film, when the shank and tool holder are present film, toolholder difficult to firmly grip the handle, in the processing of neutral cutter is easy loose fall. So, before the mill fixture, should first milling toolholder shank and the hole cleaned with cleaning fluid, dry and then be clamped.

When the larger diameter end mills, even shank and tool holder are clean, or accident that may occur off the knife, then the gap should be used with a flattened side lock holder and the corresponding way.

Another problem that may arise after the mill was clamped in the tool holder milling machining neutral port at break, the reason is usually because toolholder prolonged use, wear toolholder taper port Ministry has caused at this time should be replaced with a new knife folder.

Variety of tungsten solid carbide end mills fillet size:

Teeth Z Size(mm)
D R L1 L d
2 3.00 0.5 5 52 3
4.00 0.5 6 4
6.00 1.0 8 6
8.00 1.0 12 60 8
10.00 1.0 15 68 10
12.00 1.0 18 76 12