Tungsten Solid Carbide Twist Drill

Tungsten Solid Carbide Twist Drill Picture

Tungsten solid carbide twist drill suitable for drilling gray cast iron, malleable iron, nonferrous metals, thermosetting plastics, glass and carbon fiber plastics, resins and packaging. Special design and a larger groove chip space, so that the flow cut quiet, curl and break the effective control; waveform cutting edge with cutting angle greater improved drill sharp, especially suitable for high elongation, and Ostwald stainless steel and other long swarf material of choice for mild steel, stainless steel drilling.

There are many tungsten solid carbide twist drill classification:

Straight shank twist:

HSS straight shank twist twist standard part of the work consists of three parts, the neck and shank components.

1) Work section sub-section and a guide part cutting. Two rake, two flank, two vice flank, two main blade, two deputy edge, a chisel. Drill core diameter shank direction toward increasing.

2) Shank Straight gripping part.

3) Neck Used for grinding wheel retraction handle.

The main difference between the straight shank twist and taper shank twist lies straight shank and taper shank, taper shank advantage is that he can produce large-size drill, this feature is common straight shank twist incomparable.

taper shank twist drill, its main function is and straight shank twist about the same, the only difference is that it's taper shank twist drill is tapered, Morse taper.

Variety of tungsten solid carbide twist drill dimensions (Unit: mm):

Outside diameter(D) Overall Length(L) Blade length(l) Outside diameter(D) Overall Length(L) Blade length(l)
0.5-0.7 30 6 3.1-3.9 50 25
0.8-0.9 30 8 4-5 50 28
1.0-1.1 30 10 5.1-6 60 30
1.2-1.4 35 12 6.1-7 60 32
1.5-1.7 35 16 7.1-11 70 38
1.8-1.9 40 16 11.1-12 70 38
2-2.4 40 18 12.1-14 80 40
2.5-3.0 40 20